Please Do NOT Share This If You Agree

Facebook is a wonderful tool.  It is also incredibly annoying.  May I explain?  I know the “10 Most Annoying Things About Facebook” has been done to death.  But still, I’m only doing one thing.  And then I am doing “The 10 Most Annoying Things About Posts About the Ten Most Annoying Things About Facebook.”  Stay tuned.  That’ll be a hit.  For sure.

So, again, my I continue?

But of course I can.  It’s my blog.  If not feel free to click the back arrow.  Think of it as a ripcord with which you may deploy a parachute and  bail from my little corner of the planet.  If you do though, know that I hope your chute doesn’t open.

There are a host of people who are outraged………..OUT…….RAGED. Over the travesties of justice that occur all over Facebook.  They’ve worked themselves into an emotional frenzy and, damnit, THEY ARE  NOT GOING TO STAND FOR IT.

It could be timeline (who cares. they are NOT going to change it back), it could be the newest Mafia Wars complaint (if you’re dealing with a company that has already stated in an interview that they don’t care, chances are your post, no matter the likes it gets, it doesn’t matter), it might be Farmville (who cares how many rows you’re allowed to plant?)

But all these, like any movement,  begins with one.  One steely eyed wordsmith  crafting their resolution in words of iron.

You're? Your? Oh, the hell with it. I'm saving the WORLD! Stock Free Images

They frame their Facebook status quote, a beacon of hope for the oppressed and downtrodden.  It’s their first step in eradicating the virtual world of evil.  Then they hit post.  The world seethes with fury and disgust and takes action.

Take THAT evildoer!!

Then there are the other cases. Truthfully I don’t have one iota of contempt for the majority of people expressing their opinion about an incident, situation, tragedy or especially a personal situation.  I think that is a noble and just cause.  It’s those that detract FROM these with the half-hearted posts that reek on insincerity under the pretense of accomplishing something.  Congratulations, you just numbed the rest of us a little further.  It’s happened with fake Amber Alerts, virus warnings, the cause du jour.  Don’t just hit share and pass it on.  Believe it or not you have a choice. And by sharing it you are contributing to worsening the very thing you think you’re fixing.  The next real Amber alert that is issued will be ignored, because we are inundated with fakes.  The next real virus will spread because your post will be ignored.

One word people…………..Snopes.

I don’t even care about the misguided/misinformed/bogus/idiotic  posts pertaining to  /current events/political comments/illegal alien/gay marriage/ ad nauseum.   That’s fair enough, it is what the internet was created for.  Well, besides porn, games and eight million funny photo sites interrupted occasionally by something original, witty or interesting (present company included of course).   But, suddenly, by virtue of being able to ‘protest’ via their butt in their favorite armchair many see themselves as a virtual Ghandi. Rooting out evil and injustice wherever they see it. They hold the unjust and unfair up to the scrupulous (not so much)  eye of the furious (not really) masses who raise their collective voices in a thunderous ‘meh’.  You see, most times I don’ t even mind the initial posts, unless it is some transparent attempt to garner attention or likes.

And even as bad as that is.  It’s the likes I detest.

I’ve kind of made it a rule now.  It it contains the ridiculous line “Share if you agree” of “95% of you won’t have the courage to post it, then no, I won’t.  One because my agreeing that child hunger is bad is almost a given.  But my hitting or sharing does nothing.  Two, because you obviously have no idea what courage is.  Sure, thousands will hit ‘like’ or ‘share’ and even more will be inundated with the social media‘s version of spam.  And at the end of the day the cause suffered.

I'd like to help more ...........but.............Mafia Wars! !Stock Free Images

Here’s the thing.  If you want to make a difference, you most likely won’t do it on Facebook.  A passive approach seldom works. And hitting a ‘like’ button, though it might make you feel good about yourself for a moment, does nothing.  Posting a status about it, except in rare instances does nothing.  If everyone that bothered hitting a like button contributed a dollar or an hour when something scrolled down the screen, we’d have solved most of the issues already.  IF an issue so moves you, then get out of chair.  Pick up the phone.  DO something.  If an issue only moves you to post a comment or hit a like button, then don’t pretend it means anything.  It doesn’t.

The world is full of people who pay passive attention to the problems that face our neighbors, our friends, our families, our world.  We don’t need anymore ‘likes’.  What we need is more do.  More help.  And I include myself in that as well.  So next time you see an issue that makes you stop and think, do something about it.  Adopt a stray pet.  Donate a dollar to cancer research.  Give some canned goods to a hunger drive.

Or link to your cause, ask your friends for help, honestly, openly. Maybe only one contributes.  But that one is much, much more beneficial than a thousand likes.

And then if you want to challenge your friends via Facebook to do the same, well, that is cool.  Maybe then, you’ll really start a movement.

And please don’t share this if you agree.  (I’m kidding of course! )

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7 responses to “Please Do NOT Share This If You Agree

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  2. Yea , like share this IF you love your children or IF you hate child abuse. It is the IF that gets me. If I don’t share, then I hate my children and love child abuse. What a bunch of crap. I’d like to see some funny ones, like share this IF the first thing you do in the morning is fart.

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