Top Nine Paleo (and Gluten Free!) Dishes in Under Nine Minutes

You might be under the impression that eating paleo or cooking in general has to be a time-consuming ordeal.  It doesn’t.  Actually, my experience thus far is that most of the meals I cook are very simple, and can be done in under twenty minutes.  On a whim I decided to put together some that could be done in the time it takes to decide which channel you’re going to watch out of the 300 odd ones that you subscribe to.  Amazing you cannot settle on something.  Put down the remote.  You’re aggravating me.

9) Blackened Fish –   

If you’re quick, yes, you can turn this one in under nine minutes.  A little butter, a hot pan, and some spices and a quick hit on the heat and you’ve got a delicious and fast meal.  My favorite is flounder or trout, but any fish can be blackened.  Just keep in mind the thicker they are the longer they take and the more smoke you’ll produce.

8) Steak –

Again, the hot skillet is your friend.  Simply rub it with salt and pepper or your favorite rub, drop it in the pan for a couple of minutes per side, slide it in the oven for an additional 5 minutes or so and you’ve got a delicious, juicy, tender steak ready faster than you can get through any drive through.

7) Sautéed Vegetables-

Quick and easy.  Grab some coconut or olive oil, a little kosher salt and some pepper and go to town with a knife.  More firm vegetables first (peppers, onions, etc.) then your softer vegetables later.  If I am running behind I’ll grab whatever  I can find out of the vegetable bin and make myself a quick bowl of whatever I have.  Sauteed spinach is a delicious and quick fix, with a little garlic and some kosher salt.

6) Pan Seared Shrimp –

Grab a handful of shrimp, some garlic, and some oil.  Peel the shrimp (quickly we don’t have a lot of time).  Toss it with the oil and season it and then drop it in the pan.  Shrimp cooks ridiculously quick.  And it is delicious.

5) Tossed Salad with Crab (or leftover fish or shrimp!)-  

I always keep a can or two of crab around.  No, it isn’t optimal but if you’re running behind you can throw together a quick salad with some greens, some sliced fresh vegetables and the crab for a very quick and tasty meal.  You can even take it with you if you choose.

4) Vegetable Frittata-

Take 6-8 eggs and whip them and pour them in a greased pan.  Swirl gently for a few moments.  When the eggs are firm at the edges of the pan drop in some sliced or chopped vegetables.  Asparagus, onions, mushrooms, or peppers work great.

Frittata 1

3) Paleo Hamburger-

Some grass-fed ground beef and some lettuce and you’ve got yourself a 100% gluten-free, paleo safe hamburger.  I topped mine with a fried egg and some onions for a scrumptious and out the door in a hurry meal.  (Tip – Use very finely chopped dried mushrooms in place of breadcrumbs and you’ve got one juicy hamburger)

2) Chicken Stir Fry-

Take a handful of vegetables and some sliced chicken toss them in a large pan or a wok and stir.  Fry.  Simple.  Two steps to deliciousness.

Chicken and almonds stir fry

1) ASPARAGUS!!!!!!!! (If you’ve kept up with my blog this is no surprise)-

How can you cook asparagus?  Let me count the ways.  Bacon wrapped.  Prosciutto wrapped.  Asparagus sautéed. Grilled. Or just slide it in the oven with a spray of olive oil and some salt and pepper.  You say asparagus is not a meal?  Well, then you just aren’t doing it right!

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7 responses to “Top Nine Paleo (and Gluten Free!) Dishes in Under Nine Minutes

  1. I’ve also found that eating paleo is much less time consuming as we have kept it truly simple. One can also then appreciate the flavours of things! Layering a traditional lasagna really does take much longer than searing a steak and steaming some asparagus.

  2. I was just thinking about this today, when I first got going I was trying out all sorts of different recipes, many of which were time consuming, expensive and ultimately a flop. It could have been discouraging, until I realized the following:

    Meat; cook. Veggies; chop. Fat; slice, sprinkle or melt. Combine any which way from Sunday aaaand done!

    And as summer approaches it’ll be even easier with the bbq and all the wonderful seasonal veg and fruit!

    Good post, Joe!

  3. Great post! I love the recipes and you made remember to eat shrimp! I’m a big fan of the frittata as well. There are so many options with them. Keep up the great work!

    • I love shrimp. One of my favorite meals. I’m lucky enough to get them fresh from the ocean, and have plenty of them. Can’t live without my shrimp.

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