Six Paleo Perks


No, I don’t have a lot of experience with any kind of ‘diet’.  And at first I was a bit put off by the fact that I’d have to restrict myself.  I think anyone is a bit reticent and hesitant when they first consider having to restrict their diet.  But what I’ve found is that I am actually eating a wider variety of foods.  And I am eating them in a more ways than I used to.  Looking back I realize now that I was eating very restrictively and repetitively.  Paleo has forced me into a trying new things.  I’ve rediscovered the taste of food.  The nuance of spices and flavors and the way they are enhanced with different cooking methods.  Paleo has made me branch out.  So what had initially been considered a restrictive diet has, indeed, become more of a relaxing of rules that I had unconsciously enforced.  I’m off the hamburger/junk food/fast food/ treadmill and I am discovering food.  Real food.


The first thing I noticed going primal/paleo was the amount of energy I had.  I need less sleep than I used to, I wake up faster and I am ready to go when I do wake up.  I don’t have that dragging feeling I used to have in the mornings.  Some people I’ve read about don’t experience this, but I can say I can tell a massive difference.  I don’t get that mid-afternoon dip in energy I used to get.  I don’t get sleepy during the day.  And I  have plenty of energy to make it through the day.


I used to notice that if I skipped meals, or was late I would get this gnawing hunger, and have to stop and get something to eat.  That has disappeared.  I can go longer between meals.  I don’t get those peaks and valleys.  The high after the meal then the inevitable crash as my body compensates for the massive intake of crap that I used to eat.   I can eat a little and be sated for a while, or I can eat a lot.  My meals don’t have to be as large, but if they are it doesn’t matter because:


I don’t get that bloated after meal feeling.  That alone is worth it to me.  That ugh! feeling after you’ve eaten is gone.  You know what I am talking about.  That uncomfortable fullness that you get after you’ve over eaten a little bit.   Even if I have a large steak and some vegetables I feel like I could  go right outside and play football.  Which is aggravating to everyone else, I admit.  Since I jump up from the table and I am ready for anything.  Let’s go!

Yeah, you go ahead Joe, we will catch up.


Every day you encounter someone that is beginning a new diet or wants to talk food and inevitably it will get around to me admitting I eat primally and discussing the above facts along with the resultant weight loss, the energy, and some other things.  Those that know me and see me often have noticed that, and the gain in muscle mass, and that what I had is more clearly defined.  But there is nothing I enjoy more than the confusion of some as I explain the concept of paleo.  It does, in ways, fly in the face of conventional wisdom as far as dieting and weight loss goes.

Wait, you get to eat what? (stockfree)


Yeah,maybe it is a repeat of number 6.  But it deserves two places.  There isn’t much fault to be found with being able to eat the finer things in life.  It’s almost sinfully wonderful to sit across from someone munching on a salad and struggling (I’m sorry, I am evil I admit) while I eating a 16 ounce ribeye and explaining the above points.  Especially the weight loss part, while they stare forlornly at the huge slab of deliciousness sitting on my plate.  So what are you having for dinner?

Hmmm. Yeah, sorry about that.

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