Roasted Fruit (Paleo/Gluten Free)

Paleo snack food is one of those things that I’ve overlooked.  I had to give up the other snack foods I loved (so long tater chips) so I am trying out some new stuff I found and doing a little twist here and there to see what I liked.

One of those I tried today was chocolate covered bacon.  It sounded interesting, but I think I must’ve messed it up quite badly since mine wasn’t all that good.  I had to have messed it up because it was, well, BACON.  And bacon always tastes good.  So I am calling that one my fault since the recipe I linked to above sounded quite delicious, and it is worth a try.  If you make it and like it let me know.  Love some of the ideas on this guys page anyway, so check him out.


I also got another idea from him.  Roasted fruit, which I had never had, or even heard of.  So I rushed to the store and grabbed the following (brace yourself this is going to get scientific):

4 nectarines sliced

4 peaches sliced

Blueberries (big handful)

Blackberries (big handful)

Strawberries (two big handfuls) sliced

and then added a little white wine (about a 1/4 cup and baked it at 400 degrees for about thirty minutes, topped it with some paleo whipped cream, and ate.


4 responses to “Roasted Fruit (Paleo/Gluten Free)

  1. Yum! I’ve also read somewhere (I think in a Sunset Magazine a few years ago) that you can grill peaches. Apparently it makes them really amazing.

    • It was good. I enjoyed it, so did the rest of the family. I have heard of grilling peaches, but never done it myself. I’ll have to try it

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